Friday, August 22, 2008

Wish me luck . . .

Well, I have made my entries into the fair. (Actually ours is called a Colt Show, they show a lot of horses). This is the 99th year for our fair.

I entered:

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Brownie Cookies
Sugar Cookies

Whole Wheat Bread
Potato Bread

Orange Chiffon Cake
Pound Cake

Tangerine Jelly
Lime Jelly

Actually, Mom had to enter the tangerine jelly, as they will only let you enter one entry into each category and those went into the miscellaneous jelly category.

My pound cake I doubt will win anything, I guess my pan was too small? anyway, it rose up above the pan and then got all crusty and brown and then when I turned it out of the pan, that part fell off around the edges. It is okay, as long as you don't look too close at the bottom. The orange chiffon was fine tho!

The cookies I had no problems with, so okay there.

My bread is a different story. Bread dough is very sensitive to humidity and it has been drizzle/raining/super humid here for the past 2 days. My first loaf of potato bread looked like something out of Frankenstein's laboratory. I am sure it will taste fine, but looks pretty sad. So I went ahead and made my whole wheat, it turned out okay, if a little heavy. Then this morning, I had to get up and make another loaf, this one looked gorgeous, someone must be praying for me!

Mom entered some Dahlias, zinnias and roses and some mixed flowers and houseplants.

Tonight we will go up and get all manner of junk food, lemonade and buffalo burgers, corn dogs, cotton candy and funnel cakes. Yay, funnel cakes!

No recipe today dear readers, I am exhausted!


Cheryl said...

Good luck, I hope you win lots of ribbons!

Linda said...

Well I'd be beyond exhausted so you are forgiven! GOOD LUCK!

Jan said...

But it was worth it, eh? Good job.

Angela said...

Well done Raquel, and your Mum too. I love things like that, sadly the one in our village is getting smaller each year with few young people taking part.