Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's feeling like fall . . .

Yesterday was a beautiful day here. We had the windows open all day long, fresh air, and best of all the day had a feeling of fall.

To me, there is a particular feeling when fall comes around. Like I can feel it in my soul, in my heart, down deep inside. A feeling of peace and comfort, of hotdog roasts and bonfires, of autumn leaves frisking in the wind while the warm sun smiles down upon the fields laden with harvest. There is an uplift that makes your heart sing, swell to near bursting, a feeling of love. A mellow feeling that you are ready for hot apple cider and popcorn balls.

Almost like I can feel the world changing, feel the colors. The sky turns a vibrant shade of blue that replaces summer's washed-out denim blue. The brilliant orange of pumpkins, the dusty yellows of corn. The reds of maple leaves. The deep green of squash and gourds. The brilliant gold of new bales of straw.

There is a feeling of meloncholy, of nostalgia. I am ready for fireplaces crackling, pumpkins, candy corn, all of the trappings of fall. I am ready for long golden buses trundling children to and from school again. Ready for longer nights and shorter days, evenings spent in quiet study, perhaps with a book, perhaps with some sewing, sitting quietly, yet basking in one another's company.

I am ready for warmish days, when you still might need a sweater and cool nights. I am ready for frost that nips at your nose. I am ready for fall.

Which is why it is so strange that I am giving you of all things, a spring recipe today! At our church dinner, I try to take a somewhat different dessert each time. This time, straight from my good friend Denise, who works as a coder at the hospital where I used to work, comes this recipe for Rhubarb Cake. So easy and so wonderful!

Denise's Rhubarb Cake

1 quart rhubarb, cut in chunks (I used frozen)
1 cup granulated sugar
1 box red Jello powder (I used strawberry)

Grease a 9 x 13 pan and place rhubarb in pan. Sprinkle sugar and Jello powder over and shake it around good.

Yellow cake mix and ingredients for fixing

Then mix up your cake mix with your eggs, water and oil. Pour this batter over top of the rhubarb.

1/4 cup flour
1/2 cup sugar
3 Tablespoons butter

Cut this together with a pastry cutter and sprinkle over top of cake batter. Bake in 350F oven for at least 30 minutes, I think I baked mine more like 45 minutes.

I really apologize for not having a picture, but just as I was going to take a picture of the last piece that was left, dad came in with an empty plate - he had eaten it! Anyway, this is a very pretty cake, the top is crunchy-crackly, the cake is golden yellow and the bottom is a very pretty red.

To make up for that, today I will share a couple of flower pictures with you!

African Daisies


Tomorrow I will share with you a recipe that my pastor's wife gave me for a corn salad.


Cheryl said...

That sounds yummy I have never cooked with Rhubarb!

Sue said...

Spring and Autumn are my favorite seasons.
I've had rhubarb crumble and pie before but never made into a cake.

Linda said...

Oh oh oh - just reading how you described fall so eloquently made my heart sing!! May I quote you and link back to you later this week? I want to share your words with all my blogging friends!
hugs, Linda

Linda said...

Thank you! And I can't wait for the corn salad recipe. I LOVE corn!

Marie said...

It feels like autumn here now too. I noticed the other day that the leaves on top of the chestnut tree are turning. I love rhubarb in any way shape or form!!! By the way I gave you an award, so hop on over and grab it!

Angela said...

Hi Raquel, I love rhubarb, but sadly mine did not grow well this year. I did make a lovely rhubarb and ginger upside down cake ages ago, will post the recipe soon.
Did you get my e-card I sent to you?

Sylvie said...

Reading your post makes me look forward to atumn as well. I wouldn't mind for summer to hang around a little longer yet though, especially as this year we haven't had that much nice weather and I'm still waiting for it to happen.

Tracy said...

Hi, Raquel! Great recipe today and love the look at autumn! There's a definite whiff of fall in the air here in southern Norway...and rain off & on the last two weeks has cooled things down. I've always felt that the New Year should be in autumn--autumn being a time of harvest and celebration, new changings & beginnings, reflection & nostaglia...Love the floral note at the end here. Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

Jan said...

Beautiful post, Raquel, you said it all, almost! I look forward to all the things you mentioned, but I also look forward to a blanket and a comforter on the bed at night. All snuggly and fluffy. Ahh.