Friday, August 8, 2008

Tagged by Jan

I have been tagged by Jan at What Do I Want 2 Cook Today. Jan is a sweetheart of a gal who lives with her husband, Paul in England. She cooks the most delicious-sounding food and takes nice, long vacations in Greece (which I secretly envy her for!).

This is the Six Quirky Things About Me meme.

1. I don't like watermelon. I love cantaloupe and honeydew melon, and I love watermelon jello, kool-aid and candy, but I don't like watermelon itself. Go figure!

2. When I am cooking, it is best that I do not have anyone talking to me. I can mess up a recipe so easily that way! (and have, countless times)

3. I get cold very easily. Almost all of the time in the summer, with the air conditioning on, I will be in a sweater. and I will have socks on my feet. Brr!

4. I am not really a people person. As far as visiting with you all here on the blog, I like it, because I can do it at my pace and on my terms. Face-to-face, tho? Nope, not for me. I could be a hermit without a problem, live way back in the sticks and go to town once or twice a month - I would love it!

5. My right foot is just a bit bigger/longer than my left foot. I think this is because I have broken this foot in the past. Anyway, when I am shoe shopping, what size I can wear all depends on how the shoe is made. In sneakers I can wear a 7 and they tend to be a bit big. Most heels I have to have 7-1/2, but again, depends on how they are made, some I need an 8 and some I can wear a 7.

6. If someone buys me flowers, I am very picky. I like pink roses, but not red ones. White or peach or even yellow will do, but Just not red! Mixed flowers are ok, but they usually make me sneeze my head off.

I am supposed to tag 6 other people, but I am being lazy today, so if you feel like doing this, be my guest!


Anonymous said...

Boy, can I relate to number 4!! And I have a people job! So you can imagine how stingy I am w/ my alone time!

Marie said...

I can happily spend time on my own too Raquel. Just puttering and not having to worry about anyone else, but then again, I do enjoy the company of good friends. Perhaps I am an enigma. I do hate crowds though and being amongst people I am not all that familiar with!

Jan said...

Loved reading this Raquel - thanks for doing it.
PS: So far no one is as 'quirky' as me LOL

Jan said...

It's funny that you're always cold, because I'm always too hot.

Sue said...

I'm with you on number 2 Raquel. I don't like people milling around in my kitchen while I am trying to cook.