Monday, August 25, 2008

Are you an egg? A carrot? Or a coffe bean?

NOTE: This is not my original story, but I am telling it in my own words. If I infringe on anyone's copyright, I apologize.

A young wife was having troubles at home with finances, feeling overwhelmed with trying to keep up with working a job, housekeeping, etc. She went to her mother with her problems. She was surprised when her mother went to the refrigerator and pulled out an egg, a carrot and some coffee beans.

She took 3 saucepans and put water in each of them. Shen then set them on the stove and put each one to heat, never saying a word to her daughter, who wondered if her mother had really lost her mind or what!

20 minutes later, she turned the stove off. She then took her daughter into the kitchen and showed her the pans. "What can we learn from these 3 things, my dearest daughter?"

Her daughter looked incredulous at her mother - "All I see are a hard-boiled egg, a cooked carrot and some coffee."

The mother smiled.

"Well, in life you can choose your own path. Some people start out like the egg. They are hard on the outside, stiff and unbending, but soft in the middle. But when you put them in hot water, they become stiff and hard on the inside, too."

"Other people are like the carrot, hard all the way through. When they get in hot water, they become mushy all over and fall to pieces."

"But we need to be like the coffee beans. When put in hot water, the beans did not change, they changed the water around them to something good."

When put in hot water, we need to change our circumstances to something good. Be a coffee bean!

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Angela said...

I really like that story Raquel, isn't it amazing how something so simple can explain a very important thing.