Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Lazy Saturday Afternoon

Hello there readers! I know I am rather late getting this out today, but I have had a lazy Saturday today. I slept in this morning a bit and then after making some pulled pork and broccoli salad, I took a walk with my Mom.

Living in an extended family situation can sometimes be frustrating, but it can also be very rewarding. I was the youngest of 4 children and the only girl. I was pretty spoiled, I'll admit. I had some pretty rocky teenage and young adult years. But since living with my parents, I have come to appreciate them much more. (I still pay my own bills and I help out with expenses) We have a much closer relationship than ever before. Mom and I have some good conversations about different things and Dad and I get along quite well.

I know that an extended family arrangement is not for everyone. I often feel the need to have my own house. If things work out, by the end of the year, I may do just that. But I will treasure the times that I have spent here with Mom and Dad.

It also helps them out, as I do a big portion of the inside housework and the cooking. Mom is then free to do her gardening outside. So it works all the way around.

Alas, dear readers, I have no pictures for you today. I do, however, have a recipe for you.

Pulled Pork
Serves a bunch of people

2 approximately 3-4 lb. pork shoulder roasts, bone in
Worchestershire sauce
Garlic powder
Liquid smoke
Fresh ground black pepper
Seasoning salt - We use Morton's All Seasons
1 cup water

Use a big crock-pot. I use my oval 6-quart. Throw the roasts in and liberally sprinkle with next 5 ingredients. Pour over 1 cup of water. Let it cook on low for at least 12 hours. Take the meat out and let it cool. Dump the juices out and wash the crock-pot out.

Now comes the icky part. Take your hands and shred the roasts, discarding all of the fat, gristle and bones. Put the meat, which should be very tender, back in the crock pot.

The meat is pretty flavorful on its own, but you can do many things with it. We usually dress it with Bulls-Eye Barbecue Sauce and throw a little Tabasco Chipotle in there for spice and serve it on hamburger buns. Or you can dress it with an au jus or gravy and serve it on a bun or over mashed potatoes or noodles. Or spice it up with taco seasoning and use it for burritos. You can spice it asian style with some peanut or stir-fry sauce and make asian tacos.

In other words, there are probably about 101 uses for this recipe and it is dead easy. The only icky part is shredding the meat and if you must, I suppose you can do it with a couple of forks.

This meat is also great to freeze and then reheat later. I usually freeze it before putting any sauce with it. Just throw it in a quart-sized freezer bag and flatten it out before freezing.

I shall be seeing you again on Monday, as I will not be posting here on Sundays. Sundays are usually a very busy day around here and so, even though it was hard, that is my decision. I promise I will be on here bright and early Monday, though!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Marie said...

I have had to live with my parents off and on through the years. I am ever grateful for loving parents who always made me feel welcome and like I always had a home to come back to no matter what. I found that the last time I had to live with them, without my children sadly, (no choice of my own) I drew even closer to them and it pains me to be as far away from them as I now am. That pulled pork recipe looks delish!!