Friday, May 30, 2008


Fountain sodas. Old-fashioned goodness. Drink 'em through a straw. Or not and have a milky mustache. They are super easy to make.

Think of a hot summer day, the sun has just sunk below the horizon in a flaming red ball. It is nearly too hot to move. Maybe you have been swimming all day and have a sunburn. Maybe you just got done with a rousing game of baseball. Maybe you have been canning pickles all day.

Gotta have something to cool off. These are just the ticket, and they don't cost an arm and a leg to make. Kids can do them as well as old folks. Everyone that I know enjoys them. There is just a bit of fizz, but still creamy.

I heartily apologize for not having any pictures here, my son has commandeered the camera and I have to steal it back.

Fountain Sodas
Makes 1.

Ice cream - we used DQ soft serve
Chocolate syrup - or whatever flavor you like
Club soda

Place 1 scoop ice cream in tall glass. Drizzle with syrup, as much or as little as you like. Another scoop of ice cream on top. More syrup. Slowly pour in club soda and swizzle to mix. Imbibe!

Check here tomorrow for a sensual recipe!!

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Marie said...

One thing I miss most about Canada are rootbeer floats in the summer! Ice cold with A&w ROOTBEER! ohhh, I may have to buy myself some rootbeer today, even if it is only a pale imitation!