Tuesday, July 1, 2008

On Vacation

It is official - I am on vacation. Well, actually tomorrow. But I promise when I come back, I will have loads of goodies for you!

We are headed to Nebraska tomorrow, to the place where my mother's mother was born. My uncle inherited the place and wants everyone to come and see how he has fixed it up. I am sure it will be fun (albeit totally disorganized).

One of the nicest things is that we will be able to stop and get some homemade sausages from the butcher shop in the town where we used to live. He makes homemade weiners, polish and garlic bologna that will knock your socks off! They are delicious and we are picking some up to bring home with us!

Also, DS is going to be able to meet his paternal grandfather for the first time ever! I am glad, as family is so important and no one is getting any younger.

So I apologize for not posting, but I will see you when I return next week! Much love to everyone!


Sue said...

Raquel, have a wonderful time with your family and don't forget to take lots of pics.
I'm so jealous about you geting fresh sausages and other things from the butcher. I'd love to have one here where I live.

Cheryl said...

Have a great vacation, you obviously know what is important and that is family!

Michael said...

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Marie said...

Have a wonderful vacation Raquel! I am so jealous of you being able to get really good quality polish and garlic bologna and homemade weiners. Those must be fantastic! Happy Journies, God Speed and safe return!

nicisme said...

Hope you have a super time, and come back with loads of photos for us!

Angie said...

Just so you don't get boreds when you get back - YOU'RE TAGGED.