Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm It Again!

I have been tagged for this meme from Angie at Can You All Hear Me At The Back. She is a lovely gal from England and I really enjoy reading her blog.

Here are the rules: You tell 6 random things about yourself, then you tag someone else. They have to read your blog, then they fill in 6 random things about themselves, and link back to you.

Anyway . . .

1. I was once the youngest weather observer in the United States. We lived at an airport at the time, and had quite a big class, I think about 20 people. I was bored, it was in the summer, so I went along and took the class. I passed with a good grade and got my license. I believe I was either 10 or 11 at the time. Later they came in and tried to take my license away, stating I was too young. One of the men who worked in Kansas City went all the way to DC to plead my case and won!

2. I was born in Germany. My Dad was stationed there and so I was born in the Stork's Nest in Weissbaden, Germany. My brothers were just sure that I would speak German, having been born there and all!

3. I can't drink coffee. I love the taste and especially the smell! But it will make me sick every time! I can use a bit, like in brownies or cake, but not to drink it straight.

4. I can write with my left foot. Yup, stick a pen between my toes and I can write. Not very legibly, I will admit, but I can do it!

5. My favorite color is green. I think that green is a very unappreciated color most of the time. GO GREEN!

6. I love to can. Making pickles, preserves, I am there! But I like to make the unusual things, not just the same old regular things. This year, I have already made my Rose Petal Jam and Lime Jelly. I am looking forward to making: Concord Grape Conserve, Tangerine jelly, pumpkin preserves, mustard pickles, plum sauce, almond syrup, tomatillo salsa, vanilla peach syrup, red onion marmelade, chocolate cherry jam and mint jelly! Whoo HOO!

That is it folks, I am done!

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Marie said...

Loved these six random things about you Raquel! Especially the toe writing thing! I, too, love to make jams, jellies, pickles, relishes etc. I miss doing it over here. They don't do things the same here. Everything is different. You can't even get the jars. I need to re-learn preserving from scratch!

Jan said...

Groan. :-)

Always interested to learn about you though.

Red onion marmalade,mmm, that's a new one on me, mind you so is most of your list.

Marie said...

Raquel, I popped your parcel into the mail today, but forgot to put in my thankyou card!! I'm so mad at myself for that. I'll pop one into the envelope and send it along today as well, it will just come under separate cover!

Angie said...

Thanks for doing the meme Raquel. I love finding out odd little snippets about people. Aren't you talented? Toe writing eh? Wow, I'm impressed. Since I started having weakness in my right arm I decided I should make sure I can do everything left handed 'just in case', but I just can't write, not at all.
Angie, xx