Saturday, February 28, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Hello there from snowy Missouri!

We finally got some snow, to the tune of around 6 inches or so! It is still flurrying a bit.

This is the snow piled up on our back deck railing.

While I usually LOVE snow, I was not particularly wild about this one - I had plans. We were going to go to the Mennonite stores and get some cheese and then down to Burger's Smokehouse and look around, then had a Sister's Teaparty later in the evening.

So, instead, we went out for breakfast - oh how nice. Then we slushed and sloshed around and went to the bank, Walgreen's, the grocery store and Sears - all in the snow! It was so pretty, big fluffy wet flakes.

This is looking across the neighbor's back yard to the corps land across the street.

We ordered our dishwasher! It will be in on the 10th. We also looked at a microwave/vent hood that is very nice - I think maybe once we get the dishwasher paid for . . . . . And of course I looked at new refrigerators and a new stove with a double oven - doesn't hurt to dream - right? We had a lot of fun, tho.

This is our table on our deck - you can't even see the ear of corn that we usually keep in the middle hole for the squirrels!

So, since we are nice and snowy today, I am going to bake something good - probably get started on those chocolate-peppermint scones - and then work on my journaling a bit. Stay warm, everyone!


Cheryl said...

Hurray snow, I am so jealous! Enjoy it!

Rafter's-n-Henderson said...

The snow looks wonderful. Looks like Wisconsin and Missouri have had a great snow fall. I think it looks great but I will have to take my 65 degree desert weather over that. I just don't think I could handle the cold. I would spend my entire day cooking and eating. My four dogs would go crazy. See being in the desert they won't even go outside to go potty when it rains. Hope you get to go to your favorite stores soon. Have a blessed weekend. Jaime

Anonymous said...

Lucky duck! Stay all warm and cozy today!

Jan said...

We had snow last Saturday too. Today it's been sunny and 82F, crazy weather.