Monday, November 3, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

This is my daybook, I am sure you would love to read the others. They can be found at The Simple Woman. Go on over and take a look!

FOR TODAY November 03, 2008...

Outside My Window... there is gorgeous fall color - bronze oaks, red maples, yellow maples, orange, burgundy. The trees here have finally gotten pretty. There is even a bit of green left!

I am thinking... of how blessed I am. God has been truly good to me, I have such an abundance of love in my life!

I am thankful for... a husband who irons. I absolutely hate to iron anything - so he does the ironing for me!

From the kitchen... Roast chicken, boiled potatoes with butter, broccoli and cheese, mocha-chip coffee cake.

I am wearing... my big fuzzy fleece teddybear robe. I practically live in this thing during the winter. And, of course, my housieslippers!

I am creating... fleece tie blankets for the grandsons. "Cars" movie characters for Dillon and Spiderman for Austin.

I am going... to be an election judge tomorrow! I had applied in August and now tomorrow I will find out what it is all about.

I am reading... The Heretic Queen. All about Nefertari.

I am hoping... that tomorrow will not be too busy.

I am hearing... the fan running in DS's room.

Around the house... don't get me started! However, my project for today (besides working 8 hours and fixing dinner) is to get the bathroom cabinet sorted. And the curtains put up in my office.

One of my favorite things... is kitty kisses. When your cat looks at you kinda sleepy like and they blink their eyes - that is a kitty kiss. My kitty kisses me a lot!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Tomorrow - at the polls. Wednesday - hook up my printer and finish sorting my office. Thursday - get paperwork at bank taken care of, change driver's license, laundry. Friday - finish sorting out kitchen cabinets.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

This is the baby blanket I made for my niece. We had her baby shower Saturday evening. She is expecting a girl - finally. She has 2 boys already. I thought this would be a little girlie - but not too much. So soft and warm.

I would like to thank everyone for being patient with me during my absence. I have been around, just so *ahem* busy. Things are getting back to normal now, we finally have the living room curtains up!


Tracy said...

Hi, Raquel! Fun to see how your week is starting--hope you have a great one! And just LOVE that pink/black plaid blanket...Congrats to your niece on the baby girl she's excpecting--HOORAY! Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

Cheryl said...

Hurray you are back, we missed you! I love the blankie, perfect color. I am so glad you are getting all settled in!

Marie said...

Love your day book Raquel! I'm so glad to see a post from you here today! Welcome back!!! I am so happy you're happy! (((hugs))))

flmom said...

The book you're reading sounds interesting ... off to add it to my library wish list. :o)

Anonymous said...

So Happy for you after your wonderful happy day,
Good to see you back,

Glad you like celtic music like me, have you ever listered to RunRig they are a scotish band, but i do love the irish music,

Mocha cake sounds yummy.

Have a great week,
Thankyou for wonderful coment on my blog.