Saturday, August 28, 2010

Late Summer Busyness

Hello everyone! Sorry that it took me so long to get back, but we have been soooo busy! Had company from Oklahoma, Honey's daughter and her children, then Honey turned the big 5-0. We got a new (to us) car and gave our old(er) one to his daughter.

A picture of our *new* car.

Work has been crazy, our newest girl quit (thankfully, she just was not happy) and so with all of that (and just normal, everyday life) I have not been able to post. I do believe, now that things are settling down, that I can post more regularly. I am determined to do so.

The weather is slowly, oh-so-slowly, (definitely turtle-like) turning to fall. We had several weeks of such high temperatures, 100+ every day. I do not tolerate heat very well, I do better in cooler temperatures, so I am so grateful. I would love to have my windows open, only thing is ragweed season is upon us. *Do pray for me in that regard, won't you?* My doctor will just want to give me a steroid shot - no thanks. I am praying for an early frost. But the skies have been getting bluer - have you ever noticed that in summer they have the look of an old, washed out pair of jeans? In fall, they slowly turn more azure overhead, with a blending to lighter blue at the horizon. We are having cooler temperatures and the locusts sing with all their might, a buzzing drone signaling the end of summer.

Personally, I am ready for crisp fall leaves, pumpkins and all the other accouterments of fall.

Poor kitty - he wants outside with me.

Books on the piano.

My newest fleece tie blanket. Red and white stars on one side, navy on the other. These blankets are sooooo warm and they wash so well. They take about 3 hours to make. Easy peasy!

A picture a dear uncle painted for me that hangs in my office.

Art. I found these at a flea market for $1.

Honey's daughter, Kelilah and her sons, Dillon - green shirt and Austin - gray.

Hot and sweaty Grandpa with hot and sweaty grandsons. Our backyard sits right against a soccer field and they were out playing soccer. You can see some of the bleachers in the background. The dividing line is where the grass looks different.

Grandpa and Austin.

Dillon licking chocolate frosting off of the mixer beater.

I do hope that each and every one of you are well and winding up your summer with fun. I am looking forward to going to the local orchard and getting some apples and just taking long walks in the crisp fall air.

I am off today with Mama to her oldest sister's house for a tea party. Better get cracking on making some goodies!


Odie Langley said...

Hi Raquel and welcome back. There has been a lot going on in the blog world. I have only been doing it for a couple of months and have many new friends now.

A few have sorrows. One, her husband passed away unexpectedly but is opening up to us and getting better. Another in Ga. her father ended his life and another that just got an adorable new puppy had to take him to the vet ER with fluid on his lungs and so far the bill is @ $3,000 with no change in condition. Pray & God will know about them all.

We just got back from the farmers market & have some lovely veggies to enjoy this weekend. It has been unbearably hot here in NC as well. I too am looking forward to the cooler times. Have a great weekend and it you haven't check out my blog at

Simply Heart And Home said...


I will pray for your allergies. I too long for the cool days and colors of Autumn.



PS Happy Tasha Tudor Day!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, friend! I've missed you! What a sweet family you have and the little ones look like they had a blast with Grandma Raquel! I, too, love the cooler temps. One night this weekend it got down to the low 40's. We've witnessed geese flying south and leaves, here and there, are starting to change. We are very blessed in PA to witness the seasons in all their glory! Have a wonderful week, sistah! xo