Friday, July 16, 2010


Here are some random thoughts on how God has blessed me over the past days . . . .

1. Seeing a faun, about the size of a large dog, still had it's spots. It walked across the road in front of us while we were coming home after eating breakfast out last Saturday. So beautiful.

2. Getting blue and green ceramic tile for our bathroom floors. They had a great sale and just the colors I wanted - we were able to get enough to do upstairs in blue and downstairs in green. It will be a while before we have time to do it, but when we do, the materials are at hand. We happened to have the finances and it was a great deal. Jehovah Jireh, my provider.

3. The violent storm that came thru last Sunday did not damage any more than what it did. Some houses actually had trees fall on them - we had 90 mile per hour straight line winds and some tornadic activity. All we had was the top out of one of our maples twisted off and deposited in the back yard. Well, that and other numerous smaller limbs and leaves EVERYWHERE. Jehovah Nissi, my protector.

4. For a good working relationship with our head surgeon. I had a small medical problem come up and when I called his office to see if I could get in, they were so nice, got me in immediately, even though I was a work-in. He was really good about it and said no charge.

5. For the medication that my Mom is taking helping her. She has recently been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, which is a very, very painful condition of the nerves in the face. She is quite sensitive to medications and we were not sure if the medication the neurologist gave her would give her too many side effects or not. Thankfully, it works fine. Actually, prayer is what works, the medication just helps. Jehovah Rapha, my healer.

6. For a situation at work resolving. Prayer made the difference in this instance as well.

7. Ripe tomatoes right off the vine!! Plus I had enough to share at work. Last night we had bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches. Yummie!

8. Our car is ready! We recently purchased a new (to us) car, but it had to have a few very minor things fixed. They called yesterday and it is done. Honey and his uncle are going tonight to pick it up. We got a really good deal on it. Now, we can bless his daughter with our current car, which is still a great car.

9. That I did not kill my cat. Our cat is diabetic and is on insulin twice a day. He is really good about taking his shots, does not fuss at all. I usually use 0.5 cc syringes, which are marked in 1 unit increments. My dad gives me all of the syringes, he gets them free. Well, this last batch he gave me are 1 cc syringes, they are marked in 2 unit increments. I DID NOT NOTICE THAT RIGHT AWAY!!! So for a couple of days, I gave my cat twice the normal amount of insulin. Could have killed him, if their blood sugar goes too low, they can go into a coma, just like a human. I wondered why his appetite was off.

10. That my friend, Ruth, linked my blog to hers. She is so sweet!

So that my friends are just some of the blessings I am sharing with you this fine day.

Don't be shy, post me a line and let me know how I am doing.


Ruth said...

Wow!!! God sure did bless you this week! I think we all should make a list like yours at the close of a week! Maybe all of us would be a bit more thankful. God bless your weekend. So happy you are posting more often. Love to you!

Simply Heart And Home said...


God is good! You have had a wonderful week and I am so glad your kitty is okay!


mya said...

Hi Raquel,
Isn't this a new blog design? It is very pretty.
I have a cat that is also diabetic. Fortunately, he is now managed with diet. He DID NOT like his shots even though the vet said they would not bother him. Glad your cat is okay - that mistake is an easy one to make.
BLT's are my favorite of all sandwiches.

Rosie said...

Hello there Raquel,
I just saw a faun out in the woods this morning, they are so beautiful.
Thank-you for all your sweet comments, we so love to hear from you and how you are.
Hope that you have a wonderful day!
Love, Rosie

Vicky said...

Thanks! Jehovah Jireh, my provider