Monday, August 10, 2009

FOR TODAY (August 10, 2009)...

Outside my window... Gray skies and clouds, rain gently wending its way down

I am thinking... of how majestic this day is!

I am thankful for... a day to myself to do whatever I want

From the learning rooms... always learning something!

From the kitchen... Hmmmm. . . ribeye steaks, fresh corn on the cob, fresh tomatoes from our own vines, sauteed summer squash - doesn't get much better. I will also be making some cookies and canning some Spicy Plum Sauce.

I am wearing... my leopard print PJs - how lazy am I?

I am creating... a haven of peace and contentment in the midst of a chaotic world

I am going... to take a shower and run to the grocery store in a few minutes

I am reading... Psalms - makes my heart sing; A Sudden and Fearful Death by Anne Perry

I am hoping... that this day will last a good long while

I am hearing... the occasional rumble of thunder - I love the sound of thunder, don't you?

Around the house... just a little, scrub the tub and a teensy bit of laundry, maybe mop the kitchen floor I do need to clean out the trunk of the car, it has gotten rather jumbled

One of my favorite things... is the sky this morning - we have gray, glowering thunderclouds floating over - but over yonder a ways there is a patch of blue sky

A few plans for the rest of the week: Hmmm . . . . working, of course. If I can get enough tomatoes, canning some pepper and onion relish, then Book Sale at work Wednesday and Thursday, then the weekend cleaning out the garage

I hope that someone still reads this, but if not, I will keep on anyway. I have been absent for a good long while, devoting my time instead to my family and to experiencing the joys of summer - melon gobbling, corn feasting, air conditioner loving. We have had a beautiful summer here in Missouri, which is quite rare. Then too, I just have not felt a huge urgency to blog. I am ready now to have this month over, as I will quite likely be working from home again then, at least most of the time, I may still have to work at the office one or two days a week. And now that I have that to look forward to, I feel like blogging again. So, sorry if I have been gone long, I have missed hearing from everyone.

Much love - Raquel


Bobby Roberts said...

Zig Zag Wow!

Marie said...

I wish we were seeing rain out our windows. It is hot and dry in our area. I read your blog and enjoyed it.

Mel said...

Our skies are filled with white puffy clouds, as well as sunshine. Thank you, Lord for providing us with Vitamin D, warmth, and most of all Lord, light.

We have had a very wet summer, so we welcome this beautiful weather.

I think, we all have those times when we stray away from blogland. We are happy to have you back, look forward to reading your posts.