Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Mystery of a Brand New Blogger

Ok, I am just getting started on this. A brand new journey. So bear with my bad photography and mental meanderings, please.

I am a 30-something woman living in a tiny town in west central Missouri. I don't particularly care to live in the state of Missouri, but here I am.

I work from home as a medical transcriptionist. I don't particularly care for my job, but it pays the bills.

I do have quite a long list of things I do care for, and I will be sharing some of those with you as we go along.

I have one son who is in college (well, now he says he is taking a semester off). I live in an extended family situation with my parents and 4 cats.

As you can probably tell from the title of my blog, I love mysteries. Agatha Christie is a present favorite. Poirot is my man! Waiting for Elizabeth Peters new Amelia Peabody mystery. I also like PC Doherty.

There is something about the anticipation reading a book that, to me, is much better than film or television. A book is a friend. A book is not loud. A book does not have commercials. A book is portable. It is patient. It will wait while you go in the kitchen and fix a cup of tea and a scone or a BLT and a coke. You can take a book outside in the dappled sunlight under the shade tree in the back yard and swing on a lazy summer afternoon, with the bees buzzing around for company, investigating your lemonade. A book will also go on a walk with you on an autumn afternoon, with the brisk wind frisking the multicolored leaves past your feet. A book will likewise snuggle on the couch with you on a blustery winter afternoon, with the wind howling under the eaves and big, fat snow flakes chasing each other around outside, while inside it is nice and toasty warm. And a book will be good company on a rainy spring day with the daffodils and tulips nodding in the flowerbed.

I believe that our public libraries are one of our greatest resources. Think of all of the books that are there, just waiting to be read. Now, I like to buy books, usually on Amazon (and usually the cheap, used ones). But I definitely do not have enough money to buy all of the books I want to read. I do have some favorites that I like to read again and again. So, yes, those I buy. But for the others, off to the library I go. It is like a miniature shopping trip! Everyone needs a little retail therapy, right?

So now to cooking. I like cooking new things. I love being a country-type cook, but I like to get a little fancy-schmancy too.

Indian food is my new passion. Tastebud explosion! I will definitely share some of my experiements with you.

I will go for now, off to take some yummy pictures and maybe grab a book and share the author's dreams . . . .


nicisme said...

Let me be the first to welcome you to the world of blogging! Great title that you chose.
Careful though, it is extremely addictive!!

Marie said...

Let me be the second! Can't wait to see what else you get up to on here! Woo Hoo!